Change your lifestyle and change your life.

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Vanessa Gatelein, Health Coach

Let me help you create a new relationship
with food.

Learn what works for you and
fall in love with food again. 

I work with really busy people who are struggling with their diet and lifestyle. We sometimes eat too much or overdo the coffee or wine in the evenings, don’t we?

I'm here to help you find out what's zapping your energy and to learn where you are getting blocked, because we know we should eat more vegetables and drink more water, but we often don’t manage to do it. That’s where I can help you!

Follow me… we’ll look at how to make changes “one simple change” at a time. I’m talking about making changes for long-term results. That means… No diets!! No deprivation!!! And instead… more fun and discovery!!

To your health!

The Food Changes Everything Philosophy

There is no one diet for everyone. 
Everything is food. 
Add-in the good stuff to crowd out the bad stuff. 
Deconstruct the craving. 
Focus on sustainable and long term changes. 

Specialty Programs


Learn how food works in YOUR body  Make the changes slowly to improve energy, manage weight & have amazing health.

More fitness, more cooking, better choices with accountability of a coach.


Change how you think
about FOOD.

For so many people, deciding
what to eat is full of drama and confusion. Our goal is to create the mind-shift you need to make one step towards breaking the cycle of overeating.

(Caffeine, Refined Sugar,
Alcohol and Processed Foods)

The idea is to cut out the major stressors to our body therefore reducing inflammation and improving digestion. The result is better health... reduced cholesterol and avoiding disease such as diabetes, heart disease and dementia.

Learn, taste, create and connect... live or online.


"The Workshop"

Professional Women's Group of Basel

30. May at 19:00

Join Vanessa Gatelein and Rylla Resler for an evening of discussion and exercises around the topic:
Why Being Yourself in Business Works!

In today’s market with ever more competition, you can stand out only by being 100% you! No matter what your field of expertise is, bringing yourself to your daily work works.

In this evening workshop you’ll have a chance to hear stories of why this is true, share your own story and learn through specific exercises why you really want to let go of your avatar and let the real you shine through.

for non-members of PWG
Meeting begins with an Apero at 7 pm.

RESERVE: with Violeta Karalic

Centrepoint Library
Im Lohnhof 8
Basel 4051



Chef's Table

16. June at 19:00

We (Vanessa Gatelein and 
Rylla Resler) at Expat Kochen 
are happy to present:

a film series designed 
to make you think.

Come and join us for the second event in our series on Thursday, June 16th as we watch a documentary about food, passion and entrepreneurship.

Let's stir up some conversation and enjoy inspiring food 
brought to us by 
Joelle Martinelli of Apéro Idées. 

Space is limited to 12 participants, so please sign up soon.

Includes good food, nice wine
and provocative discussions

RESERVE: with Vanessa 
+41 79 245 74 17

Food Changes Everything
Tangentenweg 32, 4058 Basel

Bus 30 to Riehenring
Tram 14 to Musical Theatre


Lactose intolerance
and our love affair with milk, cheese and chocolate.

9. June at 12:15

When I found out that I was lactose intolerance, I denied it and kept on drinking milk, eating yogurt and cheese despite the horrible side effects of bloating, gas and multiple trips to the bathroom. I ended up deficient in many vital nutrients because of this despite spending much bucks on super foods and supplements.

I want to share my lactose experiences with you, because there are many more options than you might think.

Join me for this FREE informational  webinar and learn the ins and outs of lactose intolerance in Switzerland (Europe.)

WHEN: 9. June at 12:15
RESERVE: Book Here!
WHO: Me, Vanessa


The Results... and success stories!

“I've replaced my chocolate bar afternoon sugar boost with goji berries, nuts or a fruit. I'm hardly drinking any fizzy drinks anymore. I've reduced the amount of gum I'm chewing from several pieces a week to maybe three a week. I've kicked the habit of drinking coffee for the sake of drinking coffee and am drinking maybe three or four cups a week now instead of eight or nine.”

Christian Rütti
Managing Director Inlingua

The tangible results? “Lost 12 pounds, dandruff gone, flat stomach, and no more digestive troubles. I have an increased interest in good food versus processed food.” 

Connie Germano
Sr. Vice President Everest National Insurance Company 

My Mission

"It doesn't have to be this way"
Life is not easy, we work hard, have lots do, stress is everywhere. Life could be completely different, if you change how you think and learn how to take better care of yourself. After all... we didn't come with care instructions.

I believe that...
Healthy People = Healthy Planet

When we eat more whole organic foods...
we not only feel better, but there's less waste... less packaging... less garbage... less chemicals.

When we eat whole organic foods and manage our stress... we feel better and make better decisions. And we have more love for each other ;-)

We can change the world.
It starts with us.