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Vanessa Gatelein, Health Coach

"Let me help you create a new relationship
with food."

Learn what works for you and
fall in love with food again. 

I coach busy people in how to make better choices with their diet and lifestyle to truly thrive and feel better
in their own skin.

What are your goals?


Manage Cravings: Coffee, Sugar, Chocolate
Grocery Shopping & Healthy Cooking
Super Foods: Juices & Smoothies

Weight Loss
Energy & Sleep
Stress Management
Prevent or Reverse Diabetes
Improve Cholesterol

New fresh start in life
New relationship with food

More fitness and movement
Career & Relationships

Workshops and New Programs
Learn, taste, create and connect... live.

Films for Fermentation

A Connection to
Something Bigger

15. August at 19:00

Please join Vanessa Gatelein and Rylla Resler for the 3rdof our FILMS FOR FERMENTATION series.

Thursday Sept 15th, 7pm

Join us to watch and discuss this compelling documentary about us and our relationship to food and the environment.

 Joelle Martinelli of Apéro Idées will be offering her inspired bite sized fare for our nibbling pleasure.

Send a message or get in touch as you prefer to register!   


RESERVE: with Vanessa 
+41 79 245 74 17
Food Changes Everything
Tangentenweg 32, 4058 Basel

How Can Coaching
Improve YOUR life?

Breakthrough Guaranteed

21. September at 18:30

In this workshop you will…

1) learn what coaching
is and what it isn't

2) understand when a good
time to use a coach is

3) see how a coach is
different from a therapist

4) start your own
self development journey 


RESERVE: with Vanessa 
+41 79 245 74 17

Food Changes Everything
Tangentenweg 32, 4058 Basel 


Group Program

An inspiring 6 weeks to your new healthy lifestyle.

Starting 22. September

In this course...
You will learn about yourself, your body and what you need to change to reach your weight goals.

I want to invite you to…
Reconnect with your body
 understand what you
need to thrive.

Get to a healthy weight
without dieting.
Have AMAZING energy.
Feel SEXY in your own skin.

COST: 483CHF Per Person

Only 6 Spaces 
Reserve Your Spot Here!

Food Changes Everything
Tangentenweg 32, 4058 Basel


The Results... and success stories!

“I've replaced my chocolate bar afternoon sugar boost with goji berries, nuts or a fruit. I'm hardly drinking any fizzy drinks anymore. I've reduced the amount of gum I'm chewing from several pieces a week to maybe three a week. I've kicked the habit of drinking coffee for the sake of drinking coffee and am drinking maybe three or four cups a week now instead of eight or nine.”

Christian Rütti
Managing Director Inlingua

Vanessa is a passionate coach who really walks her talk and has a fabulous way of enabling you to have fresh insights into what really feeds and nourishes you. Then she entices you into new territory. And you are happy to explore. She asks powerful and provocative questions and never judges your answers, but works with you to find your way forward, the one that will work for you.   
Vanessa inspires me with her courage and conviction. So much so, that I had no hesitation in having Vanessa work with my young teenage daughter - a partnership that supported with my daughter's desire for a healthier lifestyle, and led to changes that have stuck firm.” 

Kirstin Barton
Principal Organisational Development Consultant at Roche

The tangible results? “Lost 12 pounds, dandruff gone, flat stomach, and no more digestive troubles. I have an increased interest in good food versus processed food.” 

Connie Germano
Sr. Vice President Everest National Insurance Company 

When you are tired of dieting and just want to know what works.

Only you know what’s right for you.

A Good Coach:
- Asks the right questions
- Presents new ideas
- Holds the individual accountable
- Inspires change
- Gives support throughout the period of change
- Allows no judgment and no shaming

I believe that when you are eating better and taking good care of yourself... life can be completely different.

Certified as a Health Coach, I studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods. Drawing on these skills and my knowledge of different dietary theories, I work with clients to help them make lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results.

I’ve also worked over ten years in Advertising & Marketing managing across 15+ markets globally. I know first hand the trials and tribulations of work-life balance, managing jet lag and surviving in today’s corporate environment. I get it.

And yes... I walk my talk.

Want to try before you buy?  

A lot of us accept things we are not happy about.
We sometimes believe that we can't change it or that it takes too much effort.
Let me demonstrate how coaching can create a breakthrough for you.

Meet me for a FREE 30-Minute Consultation.
Let's talk no strings attached.