Healthy on the Go

Healthy on the Go

For business trips and family holidays

Ever go on vacation with the family or start travelling like crazy for work and…  your diet and exercise routine goes to hell in a hand basket?

Somehow healthy lifestyle rules don’t apply in airports, at breakfast buffets or when ordering wine at dinner. There’s an unconscious permission given to eat and drink whatever “I want” at will. Vacation brain turns on (calories no longer count, because I’m on vacation.) Or I have no choice; I’m not in control of what’s served to me on a business trip. And exercise… umm hello?

You do have control. Own it.

Here are some ideas of where you can have an influence on your health while on the go.


Reset Your Purpose: Why are you going on this trip?

  • Is it to relax and recuperate from a long work stretch?
  • Is it to connect with people you work with or the people you love?

By setting an intention for the trip, it helps you to refocus. You can then decide what activities and foods serve you and your body the best.


Love water

The first taste we crave when dehydrated is for sweets. Enough said.


Pack your snack

When you pack your snack there’s a good chance you’ll eat them instead of yucky plane food.


Traveling West to East – Book daytime arrival

To boost alertness eat more high-protein, low-fat foods (eggs, grilled fish, vegetables.) Sleep on the flight and once you arrive, get yourself outside and active in the daylight. You can recover from jet lag more quickly.


Traveling East to West – Book evening arrival

Stay awake on the flight! Eat carbohydrates (pastas, fruits, and starchy veggies); they make you sleepy. Once you arrive at your hotel, shower and get to bed!


When eating out, order without looking at the menu

Go to the restaurant with a healthy meal in mind, like steamed vegetables or broiled chicken and order it.


Exercise every third day

This approach gives you flexibility without feeling like it’s too much work. Even if you don’t normally exercise, it’d be interesting to see how this brings you more of what you are looking for from a holiday (rest, stress relief, relaxation, clarity.) For business these qualities also help your work performance!

  • Pack a jump rope in your bag… jump for 10-15 minutes then stretch.
  • Download a yoga app. Yoga is fabulous for gaining energy. Do poses on the floor of your hotel room on a bath towel.
  • Pack your running/walking shoes and take them for a spin before breakfast. Cities and holiday locations feel fresh and calm in the morning. A lovely way to get intimate with the locale.


Rest & Recuperate

When we are jet lagged and exhausted, we crave foods that give us energy or alcoholic beverages that force us to relax and unwind. Take naps, sleep and learn how you best recuperate. For me a night out dancing does wonders even if I don’t get enough sleep.


Get grounded

We are creatures of habit. Create mini rituals in the morning and the evening. Try 5 minutes of quiet time followed by a substantial breakfast in the morning and 10 minutes of stretching in the evening followed by a “sleepy time” tea before bed. These rituals will bring a sense of stability to the chaos of life on the road.


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